Welcome to the official website of the UNSW Mathematics Society!

UNSW Mathematics Society (MathSoc)Β is the society for mathematics students, however membership is open to anyone, and everyone, who has an interest in mathematics. Affiliated with Arc @ UNSW and with the School of Mathematics and Statistics – we are one of the largest societies at UNSW, boasting a member count over 3,000.

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Is your WAM converging to 0?
Are you so behind that you missed the Taylor series reference?
Don't stress, MathSoc has you covered πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“

MathSoc Presents:MATH1231/1241 Revision Workshop
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Tag an acute angle and tag a cute angel but don't tell who is who
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Hi everyone! We are pleased to announce our board of directors for 2018!

Events Directors: David Wassef, Eugenia Tsao, Samir Md Mustavi
Sponsorship Directors: Brendon Yang, Stephanie Tong, Amitoze Singh
Marketing Directors: Andy Nguyen, Elie Sikh
Education Directors: Kevin Ge, Alex Ling
IT Director: Gal Aharon
HR Director: Henderson Koh

Congratulation to all our directors and we can't wait to work together with you guys to bring greater heights to MathSoc in the upcoming year!
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