Meet the Executives

The 2019 Executive of the UNSW Mathematics Society

The Executive Body

Eugenia Tsao - President

Surviving 3rd year Commerce/Science. From NZ; here to steal your jobs. Will love a dog more than a bae and will shock you with the amount of food I am capable of consuming.

Andrew Antony - Vice President

4th year maths/computer science student. Longest standing member of the current team. Keen on chess, drums and tennis. Spends long hours in the gym with very little return.

David Wassef - Treasurer

Fourth year actuarial / advanced maths student. I find after a reverse pyramid chest day, a set of differential equations is the perfect recovery remedy. You may typically find me in Quad foodcourt getting a HSP. Rubix cube PB: 13.83s. Dislikes long walks on the beach.

Samir Md Mustavi - Secretary

Crawling through my 4th year of Mechatronics Engineering and Mathematics. A passionate advocate for STEM studies, professional development and overall networking meme. Outside all that, I enjoy hiking, volunteering, karaoke, Netflix and eating, because food is a necessity.

Stephanie Tong - Arc Delegate

Fourth year Engineering/Law student. Probably never going to graduate. Really into superhero movies and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but also helping people with mental health issues.

The Board of Directors

Rui Tong - Education Director

4th year Advanced Maths/Computer Science student. Want to get out of uni ASAP but too scared to. Want to spread education to compromise. Trying to pass a CMus. Has record of 154 WPM on 10fastfingers.

James Gao - Education Director

A 4th year Actuarial/Applied Mathematics student hoping for an optometry major friend to help him solve by inspection. Also desperately searching for a sugar parent so he can transfer to COFA and pursue his lifelong passion in oil painting, pottery making and ballroom dancing. Top three favourite authors are: Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb and Patrick Rothfuss.

Arnav Roy - Events Director

3rd year Actuarial/Commerce student. Passionate advocate for proper Mathematics education, tangible social impact, and HUGE dog lover.

Derek Sun - Events Director

3rd year Maths/Commerce student.

Grace Li - Marketing Director

Third year student - degree pending. Has a greater dedication to petting dogs and cats than to her degree. Takes 3 days to make a cheesecake. Spends an ungodly amount of time watching Netflix and YouTube.

Spencer Yang - Marketing Director

3rd year Actuarial/Pure Math student with employability comparable to art students. Catch me living in the red centre labs or at hursy drinking milk tea and making other poor lifestyle choices.

Odelia Sze-To - Sponsorship Director

coming soon

James Lu - Sponsorship Director

I am a 2nd year Commerce/Mathematics student. You will most likely find me working or binging netflix like a pro. (I am married to work. Buy my master mind course for $10,000 per month, where I show you how to grow your business and how to grind)

Lucy Qiu - IT Director

Fourth year Software Engineering student. I run.

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