Executives and Directors

The 2020 Executive and Director Team of the UNSW Mathematics Society

The Executive Body

James Gao - President

Fifth year Actuarial Studies and Applied Maths student whose 'Executive Body' is available for inspection at any time.
3, 11, 31, __, 131

Yuseph Ma - Vice President

Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering student. I really really really REALLY like fried chicken.

Grace Li - Secretary

3rd Year Science and Business student. Part-time pyromaniac but only as a hobby. PM me for details on joining my pyramid scheme personal business venture.

Rui Tong - Treasurer

Advanced Maths/Computer Science student. Crying my way into my 5th year. But too tired now to not underload. Has record of 154 WPM on 10fastfingers that I value as much as my math degree.

Jason Zhao - Arc Delegate

4th year Mechanical Engineering Student. Still deciding e4 or d4.

The Board of Directors

Abdellah Islam - Education Director

3rd year Advanced Maths student who wants to contribute to maths education and research. Spends time binging shows and going to metal concerts. Willing to flex my anime knowledge if necessary.

Alex Zhu - Education Director

Another actl/maths student. Studied 3 years of actl to realise its too late to switch to comp sci. Been learning comp sci in my own time as a result, need to get good in leetcode fast.

Gerald Huang - Education Director

Science (Maths) / Computer Science kid here crawling into my third year, contemplating about when I'm going to get my growth spurt.

Ethan Brown - IT Director

Fourth Year Advanced Maths/Computer Science student with Pure/AI major. I like frogs almost as much as I like maths. Ribbit.

Lauren Wu - Events (Corporate) Director

2nd year adv Maths/comp sci student. Has a reply game worse than 3-5 business days. Loves conversational rabbit holes.

Winston Sun - Events (Corporate) Director

Second Year Data Science and Decisions student. Are you the sin2(x) to my cos2(x) ? Coz I think you are the one for me.

Philton Zhu - Events (Social) Director

3rd year Advanced Maths and Comp Sci kid. Only made it this far on my unhealthy addiction to caffeine and fried chicken. Will sacrifice lectures for a Zinger Box.

Wendy Zhang - Events (Social) Director

Not a maths student, why am I here... 🤔 Jks, love maths and been busy finding the formula to match make star-crossed lovers. Or maybe for myself?

Celeste Thomson - Marketing Director

Third Year Chemical/Biomedical Engineering student. Prime reply time: 3am. Coming out of my cage and I've been doing: not great. Dream Halloween costume: plague doctor, but make it sexy.

Isabella Falanga - Marketing Director

Second Year Data Science student. I do problems like

Chris Wu - Sponsorship Director

2nd year Commerce/Computer Science student. KFC is my spirit animal.

Nancy Yu - Sponsorship Director

Comm/actl student who’s mastered the art of sleeping anytime anywhere. Not sure if I should be proud or worried...

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