The Subcommittee

The 2020 Subcommittee Team of the UNSW Mathematics Society

The Education Subcommittee

Donald Tang

2nd year Comp Sci/Adv Maths student. I love memes, movies, music and maths (ordered list). Also addicted to ranting and being annoying.

Gorden Zhuang

2nd year actuarial studies/advanced maths student. Enjoys forgetting to study and stanning loona.

Henry Lam

Hi, I'm Henry and I'm a new member of the education portfolio for Mathsoc 2020. The reason why I decided to join was because Maths has been carrying me for 10 years, so I felt that it was time for me to help carry others as well.

Joanna Lin

1st Year Science (Advanced Math)/Comp Sci
"I have many things I dislike, and not many things I particularly like..."
If you know where this is from then we can be friends. <4

Kabir Agrawal

Advanced Mathematics (Pure and Applied). Part time poet, amateur chess player and cricketer. I live but to serve.

Karen Zhang

2nd year Maths/Commerce student. Irrational fear of clowns. Unhealthy but rational obsession with cats. Always in the middle of watching a kdrama or rewatching a studio ghibli film.

Raymond Li

2nd year Actuarial/Science (Maths and Chemistry) student. Likes wasting his time memorising random things like Latin poems that he doesn’t understand.

Rishabh Singh

I'm a first year advanced math (honours)/ software engineering (honours) student. In my spare time I like to look at interesting mathematical theorems, as well as play video games. I joined MathSoc edu because I love teaching and I love Math!!

Shayekh Rouf

1st year data science kid with nice eyebrows. I like PS4, potatoes, and other things that start with 'p'. hmu on snapchat sheikhroof or insta @mr._rouf. Send tips for improving LinkedIn profile.

The Events (Corporate) Subcommittee

Catherine Kwon

First Year Actl/Sci, majoring in maths. Fun fact: I literally drink iced latte 2 times a day.

Jordan Shen

Second Year Commerce/Advanced Maths student. You will frequently witness me plugging 2+3 into my calculator. Also notorious for eating food and going on Q Lounge raids during lectures.

Ting Li

3rd Year Actl/Adv Maths student. Always on the zetamac grind

Vedant Rampal

Commerce/Advanced Maths student. Hope my chances of getting into Investment Banking are higher than my 3 point percentage.

Vivian Wong

Hi, I'm a second-year Actuarial Science and Commerce student. Something you should know about me is that I love languages, and I know Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Hakka, English, and some Korean. I carved out a non-traditional educational path, homeschooling myself in high school, and I still have that non-conformist approach to learning and challenges.

The Events (Social) Subcommittee

Angie Geng

I'm a third year Adv Science / Fine Arts student. My favourite flavour of Shapes is Chicken Crimpy!

Jason Cao

Hi, I'm Jason Cao, a first year student studying Commerce and Science (Maths). In my spare time I enjoy cooking, going to the gym and walking/biking around.

Kathryn Dalton

2nd Year Data Science and Decisions peasant. Knows π to 22 digits and also all the lyrics to "Untouched" by The Veronicas. Really hopes no-one from high school sees this.

Merry Chu

2nd year actl/adv maths student trying her best not to drop out. I like karaoke, call ducks and WAM boosters that don't suddenly decide to go SY/FL^^

Nafis Dewan

I think I'm studying Commerce and Information Systems at UNSW lads. Double apple is my favourite shisha flavour. I am also grateful for the opportunity to be working at the BIG 4! Well lets be honest Woolworths is the best and better than Coles, Aldi and IGA.

The HR Subcommittee

Justin Clarke

Name: Justin Clarke
Degree: 2nd Year Quantitative Data Science

  • Strong tendency to reEeeEeeEeeE
  • Very tall

Lauren Huynh

2nd year Software Engineering/Commerce student. Unironically believes the world revolves around games, coffee and her dog.

The Marketing Subcommittee

Claire Xue

First year Advanced Mathematics Co-op. Nicknames include: clairebear, clairebender, clairybearyhairyfairy. Weakness: bubble tea.

Erica Soenarjo

A 2nd year Actl/Comm student. Also a Foodie. Dog lover. Tiktok addict. 😳

Sue Vo

Second year Actuarial Studies and Science student, who is a potato inside out. Also, 14 hours of sleep is a must and NO chicken please.

Samraggi Pant

2nd year Data Science student. Addicted to all things covered in chocolate. Prefers human babies over dogs/cats sorry. 😔

Sukhleen Khalsa

1st year Actuarial Studies/Science student. Spends way tooo much time of netflix and has watched almost everything. Can also sleep long enough to be declared dead. 😴😵

Vedant Shah

Second year actuarial studies/commerce student. Doesn't own a pet so will live off literally anyone else's. Attends classes negative three times a week.

The IT Subcommittee

Jeffrey Yang

3rd Year Advanced Maths/Computer Science Student. I only study maths/comp to understand maths/comp memes. My favourite cartoon is Naruto.

Nicholas Berridge-Argent

SEng 3rd year. Likes: C, Python, JS. Dislikes: C, Python, JS.

Nina Tang

Third year Data Science student. Professional skribbl player and spends too much time scrolling through reddit. Likes sleeping in, dislikes bad memes.

Zander Zhuang

3rd year of Comp Sci and Stats hujjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk How do I get my uiiiiiiiiiiii88888888888888 cat off my 5555555555555555555555 keyboard?