Meet the Subcommittee

Say hello to our Subcommittee Members for 2019!

Our subcommittee members work hard with our directors across all portfolios to bring fresh ideas to fruition.


Kabir Agrawal

Third Year Advanced Maths/Actuarial Studies student with Pure Maths major. I'm part of the FBI.

Ethan Brown

Third Year Advanced Maths/Computer Science student with Pure/AI major. I like frogs almost as much as I like maths. Ribbit.

Gerald Huang

Second Year Computer Science/Maths. Deprived of sleep 16 hours a day.

Abdellah Islam

Second Year Advanced Maths student with Pure Maths major. I live off of free food events at uni.

Laeeque Jamdar

First Year Data Science and Decisions student. I have too many things on my plate.

Yasin Khan

First Year Computer Science student. Love playing League of Legends, die hard TSM fan.

Supriya Segal

Second Year Advanced Maths/Computer Science student. Brunch eater extraordinaire, bookworm and a swimmer.

Jeffrey Yang

Second Year Actuarial Studies/Advanced Maths student but soon to be Comp Sci/Advanced Maths student. Has never drank before and is a part time vegan.


Dimas Sanjoyo

Winston Sun

First Year Data Science and Decisions student. Are you the sin2(x) to my cos2(x) ? Coz I think you are the one for me.

Celeste Thomson

Second Year Chemical/Biomedical engineering student. Preparing for a solitary life in the Australian wilderness with 50 cats and 50 blankets to keep me company.

Chris Wu

First Year Commerce/Computer Science student. Can not show up early to save a life.

Flora Zhang

Philton Zhu


Vincent Chen

First Year Data Science and Decisions student. Favourite music is sad boi music.

Isabella Falanga

First Year Data Science student. I do problems like

Ashleigh Feng

First Year Data Science student. Takes up to 3 business days to reply.

Yuseph Ma

Third Year Mechanical/Biomedical engineering student. I like fried chicken.

John Wei

First Year Data Science and Decisions student. Can snowboard, ice skate and surf pretty well.

Lauren Wu

First Year Advanced Mathematics/Computer Science student. Capable of having an existential crisis every 35 seconds. I play piano and do photography if I’m not sleeping.