The UNSW Mathematics Society holds several kinds of events that aim to include everyone in the society.

Whether it be a majors talk so budding maths students can discern between a Pure or Applied major – or if you’re one of the more sporty in the society and aspire to be the next Lionel Messi – MathSoc is sure to have an event for you!

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Aug 12/13 - Math2501 / Math2601 Revision Seminars

Aug 9 - Math1231 / Math1241 Revision Seminars

Aug 7 - Data and Analytics with Ernst & Young

Aug 2 - Interfaculty Power Rangers Pub Crawl

Jul 30 - UNSW MathSoc Trivia Night

Jul 23 - MathSoc and IMC Present: Careers in Trading

Jul 18 - MathSoc Presents: Free Sausage Sizzle

Jul 03 - MathSoc & Macquarie Presents: STEM Career Pathways at Macquarie

Jun 28 - UNSW MathSoc Presents: 2019 Hoodies (early bird)

Jun 26 - STEM Alternate Pathways Evening

Apr 30 - MathSoc Presents: Math1131/1141 Revision Seminar

Apr 26 - MathSoc Presents: Math2011/2111 Revision Seminar