Integration Bee Champions

Our annual integration bee attracts the brightest, fastest, and most cunning integrators every year.

Coming first is no easy task.

Congratulations to all winners on this amazing accomplishment.

2020 Integration Bee

Thank you to all who came to MathSoc’s annual Integration Bee and made it a fun time for everyone! Congratulations to the winner Jake Edwards and runner-up Raymond Li, who showed the audience a spectacular finale.

We are once again releasing our questions and solutions from the bee:

2020 Integration Bee Questions
2020 Integration Bee Solutions

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2019 Integration Bee

Thanks to everyone who came to the annual MathSoc Integration Bee for 2019! Well done to all competitors, and congratulations to our prize winners:

1st - Johnny Lim
2nd - Jake Edwards
3rd - Jack Lam

A massive thank you to Edited by Bea for photographing our event!

This year, we are releasing the questions and answers for the questions. Feel free to use them and give your brain a workout:

2019 Integration Bee Questions
2019 Integration Bee Answers

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2018 Integration Bee

What a great O-Week to start the semester! Thank you to all the volunteers that have made running this week possible. We would also like to congratulate the MathSoc Integration Bee Winner Johnny Lim and runner-up Cameron Eggins.

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2017 Integration Bee

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2016 Integration Bee

Early in the year during O-Week, we were all still in holiday mood, with the smell of the sea on our backs after a long day at the beach. Yet a room full of vibrant maths enthusiasts came down to the Macauley Theatre ready to tackle the toughest integrals the world has ever faced!

A room packed with keen competitors battled it out, scribbling out integrals here and there on scrap paper, to land a spot in the group stages. It was close. It was intense. It was bloodthirsty. But alas, 16 of the sharpest minds proved that they were sharper than the rest.

The battlefield was fierce. 16 turned to 8. And 8 turned to 4. And here we reached the GRAND FINALS!

It was the legend of Gary Liang vs the defending champion Changyu Wayne Xiu vs the proud Allan Loi from Actuarial vs Aydin Abdioglu unfazed by his higher year competitors. Neck on neck. Breaths were held. Heartbeats were skipped. Sweat bubbles were formed.

This was edge of the seat action. One could swear the clocks stopped moving.

But in the end, the man, the myth, the LEGEND… GARY LIANG rises up on top with his slick moves on the whiteboard.

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2015 Integration Bee

Congratulations to the champion, Changyu Wayne Xiu!

It was a close but intense battle in the finals, but with Wayne’s magic mathematical insight, was able to answer the final integral with little to no working out. Joshua Xu showed great determination and perseverance and came a close second.

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2014 Integration Bee

Congratulations to the champion, Eric Xu!

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2013 Integration Bee

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