First Year Exam Bank

These are solutions to sample lab tests created by MathSoc. Please let us know if you find any errors!

Your lab tests will involve questions very similar to those in the sample question banks. Basically they'll change the numbers to make sure you think about how to solve the problem, rather than remember the letters, digits etc..

What we have prepared are responses to sample questions generated from the question bank. You should always try to do the problems first yourself first. Should you get stuck, however, you can refer to our samples here to guide you back on the right track!

To get good marks, you should definitely not be relying on these solutions at all in the end. You should have attempted the sample questions on MapleTA often enough to handle it all yourself!

Note that these solutions are NOT endorsed by the UNSW School of Mathematics & Statistics, and that errors may exist. If you find answers that are incorrect, please send us a message, and we’ll try to address the question as soon as possible.

Good luck studying 🙂

(More solutions currently being written.)

The following resources were used in the old semester model, where tutorial tests were present instead of laboratory tests. We have chosen to keep these resources to respect the work of the education teams before ours.

We will NOT be disclosing these past tutorial tests as they are copyrighted to UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics, and we have not obtained any permission to distribute them.