Revision Lectures

Here, you’ll find the slides and solutions for the revision seminars we held for UNSW Mathematics courses. All the best for your revision :)

Huge thanks to our Education team who worked tirelessly to bring you this material and present the revision seminars.

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2019T3 MATH1131/1141 Final Exam Workshop Handout/Slides

Algebra & Calculus (Solutions)

2019T3 MATH2521/2621 Revision Seminar Slides

Complex Analysis (Solutions)

2019T2 MATH1231/1241 Revision Seminar Slides

Algebra (Solutions)

Calculus (Part 1 Solutions)

2019T1 MATH1131/1141 Revision Seminar Slides


Calculus (Solutions)

2019T1 MATH1081 (Discrete Maths) Revision Seminar Slides

Chapter 1,2,5 - Sets, Integers & Graphs (Solutions)

Chapter 3,4 - Proofs & Combinatorics

2019T2 MATH2121/2221 (Differential Equations) Revision Seminar Slides

Differential Equations (all) (Part 1 Solutions)

2019T2 MATH2501/2601 (Linear Algebra) Revision Seminar Slides

Linear Algebra (Part 1) (Part 1 Solutions)

Linear Algebra (Part 2)

(Abstract Algebra Supplement Solutions)

2019T1 MATH2011/2111 (Multivariable Calculus) Revision Seminar Slides

Differential Calculus/Multiple Integrals (Seminar 1)

Vector Calculus/Analysis (Seminar 2) - updated 4/05/19

MATH2011/2111 Solutions

2017S2 MATH1231/1241 Revision Seminar Slides

Algebra (Solutions)

Calculus (Solutions)

2017S1 MATH1131/1141 Revision Seminar Slides

Algebra (Solutions)

Calculus (Solutions)

2019 Team

     Directors: James Gao and Rui Tong

     Subcommittee: Kabir Agarwal, Ethan Brown, Gerald Huang, Abdellah Islam, Laeeque Jamdar, Yasin Khan, Supriya Segal and Jeffrey Yang

2017 Team

     Directors: Aaron Hassan and Dominic Palanca

     Subcommittee: James Gao, Allan Loi, Samir Mustavi, Kevin Xian and Alex Zhu