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Our Principle Sponsors

Jane Street
A proprietary trading firm that operates around the clock and around the globe. We bring a deep understanding of markets, a scientific approach, and innovative technology to trade in the world’s highly competitive financial markets, focusing primarily on equities and equity derivatives. Founded in 2000, Jane Street employs over 700 people in offices in New York, London and Hong Kong. Our entrepreneurial culture is driven by our talented team of traders and programmers.
IMC Financial Markets
One of the world’s leading proprietary trading firms, and a market maker in securities listed on exchanges across the globe. Our cutting-edge technology drives everything we do. High performance algorithms, smart strategies and collaborative teams are the core of our business. We are at the core a trading firm, however we value trading and technology equally and we believe that cooperation between traders and technologists is one of our great strengths. This is also reflected in our organizational and remuneration policies. We believe in fostering a truly flat environment in which great ideas can be recognized as well as put into practice from anybody within our organization.
SIG Trading
A global quantitative trading firm founded with an entrepreneurial mindset and a rigorous analytical approach to decision making. We commit our own capital to trade financial products around the world. Building virtually all of our own trading technology from scratch, we are leaders and innovators in high performance, low latency trading. Our traders, quants, developers, and systems engineers work side by side to develop and implement our trading strategies. Each individual brings their unique expertise every day to help us make optimal decisions in the global financial markets.
Bain & Company
One of the world's leading management consulting firms. We work with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire. For more than 40 years, we've been passionate about achieving better results for our clients—results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring. We've worked with the majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local organizations, hundreds of nonprofits, and private equity funds representing 75 percent of global equity capital. We are proud of our clients' track record, like the fact that our public clients have historically outperformed the stock market 4 to 1.


Boston Consulting Group
A global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. Our mission is clear. We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage. We are shaping the future. Together. With more than 50 years of experience in making change happen, we have developed approaches to mobilizing and enabling organizations that are unique, practical, and proven.
The Treasury
The Treasury serves the Australian people by helping the Australian Government’s Treasury Ministers carry outtheir responsibilities. The Treasury’s three priorities are: promoting fiscal sustainability; increasing productivity and workforce participation; and securing the benefits of global economic integration. Treasury is best known for producing the Australian Government’s annual budget, but we do much more than that. We also work to strengthen Australia by developing key policies on: tax and the economy; financial, foreign investment, competition, social and broader structural policy.
Real Skills Education
specifically targets high school and tertiary students who are interested in STEM and stand on the cusp of adulthood and professional life. Our services range from professional development to soft skill development, upholding our mission to cultivate self-sufficient and confident young individuals who in turn will lead and teach peers or future generations. RSE prides itself on its personalised and refined teaching. One of our main services promotes career development opportunities by directly linking student talent to employers through projects which reflect real-time industry practice. We believe it is an essential scope of employability for students to articulate their aptitude and proficiency without being attached to traditional recruitment indicators such as academic marks, achievements and extra-curricular background. We strongly believe opportunities like these should exist to complement current recruitment models in order to tackle talent acquisition through a variety of ways.